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PATNAIK STEELS & ALLOYS LTD. has a fully Integrated Steel Manufacturing Plant at Purunapani in Keonjhar. The plant comprises of (i) DRI Unit (ii) The Steel Melting Furnace (iii) Continuous Billet Casting Plant and (iv) Captive Power Plant

In the DRI plant, production of sponge iron using a solid reductant involves reducing iron ore (lumps/pellets) with carbonaceous materials like coal or lignite. The reduction is carried out in a rotary kiln (which is inclined and rotates at a predetermined range of speeds) at a stipulated temperature (850°C -1050°C). The inclination and the rotary motion of the kiln ensure that the raw materials move from the feed end to the discharge end of the kiln and during this movement the actual reduction of iron ore to iron takes place. The material discharged from the kiln is taken to a rotary cooler for cooling and the cooled product is separated from the coal char.

Power Plant of the company comprises of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler and Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Coal Boilers. The heat generated in the DRI Kiln is tapped after production of Sponge Iron and is fed to the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler which converts into power through a process of steam generation. Similarly, Coal fines, left over by the DRI Plant are fed to FBC Boiler to generate Power.

In the SMS plant, sponge iron along with pig iron and scrap in a predetermined ratio is charged in the furnace. The material gets melted at a temperature of 1500°C -1700°C. This hot metal is then tested for its chemical composition. Depending on the existing chemical components, various necessary Ferro Alloys are added to it. The hot metal is then oxidised and then sent to the Continuous Billet casting plant. Here the molten steel is continuously casted into Billets.

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